Natural Skin Care Products for Cancer Patients

Fight Cancer with Beauty is on a mission to create a line of natural skin care products designed for cancer patients with aim to ease the harsh effects treatment has on cancer patients's skin undergoing Radiation & Chemo Therapy.

The world's ONLY line of all natural cosmetics
and beauty products, designed
BY cancer patients — FOR cancer patients.
Safe to use during radiation
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The world's ONLY line of all natural cosmetics

Benefits Natural Skin care for Cancer Patients

  • Natural Emollient to moisturize skin of cancer Patients
  • Natural Insulator to protect the skin from excessive high and low temperatures
  • Natural Rejuvenator to promote skin cell rejuvenation having Anti-Aging Effects
  • Natural Non-Siccative to help against dry skin
  • Natural Cicatrizing to heal the wound naturally
  • Anti-Inflammatory to tighten face skin naturally
  • Antioxidant to prevent skin from radical damage.

Natural Skin Care Products for Cancer Patients


Pure Care Balm

With its creamy but light mousse texture, Pure Care Balm was created to solve the skin woes of patients undergoing radiation or other harsh forms of cancer treatments. It is designed to envelop skin, creating a gentle barrier that traps in moisture. Due to its moisture retaining quality, Pure Care Balm is an excellent choice for skin care during chemotherapy.

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Moisturizing Lotion

Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into your skin but is lightweight enough to prevent pore clogging and irritation. This makes it one of the best cancer skin care products around.

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Pure Care Oil

Our Baobab Oil is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids that helps diminish the appearance of fine lines while strengthening skin. This oil soothes and repairs skin without the greasy after feel or shiny look making it a great safe beauty product for patients

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For those searching for skin care products for cancer patients but want a product that is gentle enough for daily use. This cleanser is for you. Pure Care Cleanser is soap free while its gentle formula safely removes environmental pollutants, makeup, and dirt. 

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Sun Diffuser

Pure Care Sun Diffuser provides powerful but lightweight sunscreen for cancer patients. It comes in a very convenient bottle for a no mess application.

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Nail Polish Safe with Cancer Patients

Nail Polish for Cancer Patients

Our natural and organic nail polish line from France is a cancer safe formulation for cancer survivors in treatment. Have beautiful nails as your inner strength and beauty vibrate to those around you. Enamels rich in silicum are formulated for the most fragile nails from radiation and chemotherapy. Its high gloss, long lasting formula resists shocks and maintains beauty and color. Only cancer safe, high quality ingredients with NO fragrance, toluene, formaldehyde, rosin, parabens, preservatives or nickel. 

What people say

I cannot express enough how much soothing relief the PURE CARE SKIN CARE BALM provided me while I was undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. It kept my skin supple and healed it throughout the whole duration. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is undergoing similar treatments or have serious sunburns, because Pure Care Skin Care ensures the organic purity of what I would only wish for my body, especially without the many unpronouncable additives or ingredients other skin products lines include. Thanks to Pure Care skincare my skin is looking much better than my doctors and I had expected!

Real Results and Recomended by Oncologist

Real Results

Why Cancer Patients Choose Pure Care Natural Product for Skin Care

Radiation and Chemotherapy can leaves cancer patients with sensitive and raw skin. We have selected skin care products with natural or organic ingredients, antioxidants, and healing properties to help heal and soothe those conditions. Patients need to care for themselves with moisturizers, body washes, cosmetics, scar creams and gels that comfort and treat your skin.

As the body’s first line of defense against sunlight, chemicals, and infectious germs, the skin is also one of the areas of the body most commonly affected by treatments for cancer. The good news is that skin reactions are usually temporary and treatments are available to help patients cope with these side effects. Unfortunately, many patients do not receive the medical attention they need to address them.

“We have made incredible progress in developing better cancer treatments, but in doing so a real gap in many patients’ skin health has emerged,
says Mario E. Lacouture”

Memorial Sloan Kettering dermatologist who specializes in treating skin conditions that result from treatment. In an interview, Dr. Lacouture describes some of the most common dermatologic side effects of anticancer medications, radiation therapy, and surgery, and offers suggestions for lessening their impact.

Last reviews

By Michele W. on 06 Nov. 2016 :
Product rated : Baobab Oil Skin Care for Cancer Patients I’m undergoing treatment at the moment, and I’m telling you, Pure Care is the ONLY skin care line for cancer patients! You’ll never catch me...
By Harper J. on 26 Oct. 2016 :
Product rated : Natural Soothing Balm for Cancer Patients Amazing balm! Couldn’t live without it! Do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle!!
By Anne B. on 05 Oct. 2016 :
Product rated : Baobab Oil Skin Care for Cancer Patients I use it on my face before I go to sleep. My skin feels so good! No more itching dry skin. This is a miracle product!

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