Skin Care for Cancer Patients 

Skin Care for Cancer Patients

Skin Care for Cancer Patients

As the body’s first line of defense against sunlight, chemicals, and infectious germs, the skin is also one of the areas of the body most commonly affected by treatments for cancer. Treating cancer through chemotherapy and radiation therapy kills cancer cells, but unfortunately, many patients suffer from many unwanted side effects such as hair loss, dry, irritated skin, and even brittle nails.

Watching your skin start to dry up and peel off while going through therapy can be almost agonizing for some cancer patients. Not only are the side effects painful at times but they change the appearance of the patient which can be very disheartening for someone going through such a harsh treatment. All of the synthetic, fake chemicals found in most products on the market today can make it difficult for cancer patients to find soothing, healing beauty creams that are gentle enough to use daily to soothe the skin without causing further irritation to the skin. Here at Fight Cancer with Beauty we know how important it is to feel beautiful for your overall wellbeing. This is why we have created a line of safe skin care products specially formulated for cancer patients that is organic, natural and chemical free.

Our skin care products are not only the safest but they also contain natural healing agents which help reduce inflammation and aide the skin’s regeneration process. ALL our skin care products are safe to use before, during and after chemo therapy or radiation therapy treatments, and are recommended by the most renowned oncologists worldwide. So whether you are looking for a moisturizer, a sun diffuser, or even nail polish- Fight Cancer with Beauty- has what you are looking for!

Why Natural Skin Care for Cancer Patients?

  • Fight Dry / Itching Skin Naturally with NO SIDE EFFECTS
  • Fight Face Rash Naturally with NO SIDE EFFECTS
  • Fight Radiation Burns Naturally with NO SIDE EFFECTS
  • Fight Hand-Foot Syndrome Naturally with NO SIDE EFFECTS
  • Fight Fingernail Issues Naturally with NO SIDE EFFECTS


Chemo Skin Care

Chemo is designed to prevent the replication of cancer cells. Unfortunately it can also have a harsh impact on cancer patients’ skin as it inadvertently targets fast-replicating skin cells. Patients can experience side-effects such as painful rashes and raw skin. This is why we have created skin care products specifically designed for patients undergoing chemo treatments.

Chemo Skin Care Line Helps To Heal & Soothe Your Skin Better Than Any Other Products Naturally

  • Our chemo skin care products are unique in that they are 100% natural, contain organic ingredients, antioxidants, and healing properties. 
  • Our Skin care products make full use of the benefits of the Reishi Mushrooms, and Balboi Oils. Reishi is known to assist the immunie system in preventing secondary infections, and to minimize the chances of a secondary attack such as Viruses or Bactaria for patients that already have a vulnerable immune system.
  • The Journal of Nutrition and Cancer published findings, from researchers, that showed the Reishi mushroom consistently inhibited cell invasion and disrupted cell spheroids involved in the invasive nature of cancer cells.
  • Doctors are very strict when it comes to what beauty products patients use when receiving treatment, as they can easily irritate the skin even further, and have other adverse effects. 
  • Our products are recommended by Doctors for sensitive skin care during Chemo as they are gentle, help the healing process, and have NO SIDE-EFFECTS.

FCWB Offers Several Natural Products To Relieve Dermatological Side-Effects Of Chemo Therapy:

Radiation Therapy Skin...

Many cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy are left with radiation burn, or with what’s known as radiation dermatitis. It results in irritated, red and painful skin at the entry point of treatment where the surface radiation is the strongest. Our gentle, specialised moisturizers soothe the affected areas, and through use of natural healing agents help the skin return to a healthy condition.


FCWB offers a number of radiation skin care products: 

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