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5 Best all Natural Skin Tips and Products for Cancer Patients

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Cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation can be taxing physically and emotionally on any patient. Dermatologists are cautioning patients receiving...

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Black Nails After Chemo

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Unfortunately one of the negative side effects of cancer treatment is the changing of the patients nails. During or after treatment patients can be left with...

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Skin Care Basics

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Your skin is the largest organ so shouldn’t you make it a priority to keep it healthy? At Fight Cancer with Beauty we think it makes the world of difference...

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Chemotherapy Skin Care

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that cancer treatments such as chemotherapy take a drastic toll on your body, especially for your skin. However,...

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Nail Polish During Radiation

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Most nail polishes these days are made from harmful chemicals but if you are looking for the perfect nail polish during radiation, you will definitely get...

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Oncology Nail Polish

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Oncology Nail Polish

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Tips for better nail care

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Nail Care for Cancer Patients Treatment can cause temporary changes in your nails and nail beds. While these changes are considered mild, it can be hard to...

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