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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that cancer treatments such as chemotherapy take a drastic toll on your body, especially for your skin. However, treatment doesn’t mean that you have to accept dry, itchy skin, face rashes or dry hands. With care and the use of gentle products that are free from ingredients that are harsh on sensitive skin. If you are searching for chemotherapy skin care tips, you come to the right place
Skin Care

Facial Cleansers and Skin Cleansers

  1. During treatment and after treatment, it is important to use cleansers that are gentle. Search for gentle cleansers that won’t rob you of your body’s natural oil. An excellent skin cleanser option is the Pure Care Facial Cleanser.

  2. Pure Care Cleanser supports your skin’s new fragility and avoids breaking down your skin. Ideal facial cleansers are free from many fragrances, sophisticated unnecessary preservatives and irritating ingredients that can worsen your skin.

  3. When you use cleansers, use only warm water. Hot water may exacerbate your skin dryness. Towel dry and within 3 minutes, apply a hydrating moisturizer such as Pure Care Balm to your skin to retain moisture and glow

Chemotherapy Skin Care for Your Body

  1. When washing your body, lather only the places that give off the funkiest smells. You know where those places are, such your armpits, feet, groin area and buttocks. Do not bathe in hot water but wash in warm water. This will reduce the chances of you stripping away all the natural oils that your body produces and needs. When you are finished bathing, trap all the moisture by applying moisturizers such as Pure Care Balm to your skin. 

  2. When you are washing your face, do not aim for the tight “squeaky clean” feeling. That feeling means that you have removed too much of your faces’ natural oils and have irritated your skin. Wash your face with a facial cleanser such as Pure Care Cleanser every morning and night. Apply moisturizer to trap in the moisture.
  3. For your hands, take care to rinse any cleanser between your fingers and under your nails to avoid “dishpan hands.” Also, when you are completing chores or washing dishes, keep your hands covered to avoid irritating or infecting your hands with germs. You should keep moisturizer close by as you need it every time you wash your hands.
Let’s face it. Undergoing Treatment is an unpleasant experience, but there are ways to brighten it. Aside from familial support, taking care of your skin, your health and forming 


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