Tips for better nail care

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Nail Care for Cancer Patients

Treatment can cause temporary changes in your nails and nail beds. While these changes are considered mild, it can be hard to watch your nails become brittle or discolored. In fact, your nail beds might even lift. That is why is it so important to practice good nail care to help keep your nails strong and healthy during chemotherapy.

Tips for Better nail care

10 Tips for Better Nail Care

  1. Due to your treatment, your nails are more fragile now.  It is a good idea to keep them short.
  2. If you have dry or flaking nails, keep them moisturized by using nail oil or a moisturizer like Pure Care Balm and Pure Care Baobab Oil.
  3. If your nails have become discolored, use a dark nail polish to hide the discoloration.
  4. If you have ridged nails, keep them moisturized and perhaps use glittery nail polish to help cover the ridges.
  5. Do not bite your nails. Some kinds of treatment cause nails to lift from the nail beds. Biting can make it worse. It also can transfer germs.
  6. Do not cut your cuticles unless they are frayed. Instead, use a cuticle remover cream and push the nails back gently.
  7. Apply moisturizer every time you wash your hands. During chores or washing dishes, keep your hands covered to reduce the chance of a fungal infection under your nails.
  8. If you choose to use nail polish, use a nail polish remover that is free from harsh solvents such as acetone. Look for gentle alternatives that won’t cause shock to your nails.
  9. If you prefer professional manicures, bring your own instruments. It does not matter how the salon keeps their tools clean. Bring your own nail cleaning instruments for the salon to use. You can purchase your own manicure kit from Fight Cancer with Beauty.
  10. Always talk to your doctor and alert your physician of any signs of inflammation or infection.

Another nail care tip is that you do not need to use nail polish if you don’t want to. You can have a professional manicurist buff your nails and keep them shiny, simple and gorgeous. Just remember to bring your own buffer with you in a little plastic baggie.

The primary thing is to keep a focus on practicing excellent nail care and nail hygiene to keep your nails from inflammation or developing infections.

Good nail care for cancer patients can be a little bit of a challenge because your body is undergoing changes that may upset you. Just remember most of the changes are temporary, and you will come out of it stronger.


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