Skin care for cancer patients. 

When undergoing chemo therapy or radiation one must be careful with what chemical one uses on their skin. Between irritation, redness, and itchiness knowing what products to use can be quite a challenge. Since toxins are filtered out through your skin, one must be sure to pick a product that is all natural to make it easier for your skin to filter out toxins. Often with cancer treatments they can cause or worsen dry skin because they slow down the skins ability to renew itself. A key to any good product for cancer patients is simple, all natural ingredients. Because the skin is already irritated it is important for the patients to avoid products that have harsh chemicals. Beware of products that claim to be organic or all natural without looking at the ingredients. 

Often time, Oncologist prohibit the use of any non-natural products while undergoing treatment for cancer. Fight Beauty with Cancer's products selections are often time recomended by Oncologists to help accelerate the Skin's healing while remaining "safe". 

I knew someone who was fighting breast cancer and the doctor told her time and time again to be very careful with what products she used. Dry, flakey skin was inevitable for someone going through breast cancer treatment such as herself or so she thought. Not only was she fighting a battle with cancer but was fighting a battle within herself to feel beautiful, which unfortunately so many cancer patients face, until she found Fight Cancer with Beauty. Fight Cancer with Beauty has numerous products that were created specifically to make patients feel beautiful that are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. With products such as moisturizing lotions, cleansers, sun protection, and nail polish Fight Cancer with Beauty carries all the products one may need when going through their cancer treatment.