About Fight Cancer with Beauty

The product line Pure Care, was created when our own family was affected by cancer. After diagnoses we realized the very limited products that are out there for cancer patients going through therapy.

The product was created for family but I wanted to share it with the world so other people's families could benefit from it as well. 

We pride ourselves on creating the best product possible using only gentle, cancer friendly organic ingredients. Harsh chemicals are something that almost all beauty products carry unfortunately and cancer patients do not want to risk using such products while going through therapy. 


"Pure Care is the ONLY skin care line for me! I’m undergoing treatment at the moment, and I’m telling you, Pure Care is the ONLY skin care line for cancer patients! You’ll never catch me without my bottle of Baobab oil!"-- Michele W.
I love my Pure Care baobab oil! I use it on my face before I go to sleep. My skin feels so good! No more itching dry skin. This is a miracle product!"--Anne B.